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109th street is the former non-luxury apartment shared by co-founders Jacques Duvoisin and Jesse Sells. As fellow actors, writers, comedians, and musicians they found a creative synergy and built a great friendship. 


109th street is a culmination of the experiences and skills they’ve collected working in comedy, business, marketing, advertising, hospitality, and leadership over many years. 

Jacques & Jesse are ready to combine their unique backgrounds with their unrelenting passion for crafting hilarious stories that make people feel good.


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about us


jesse sells

written by jacques duvoisin

Jesse is a versatile artist and creator who leads with thoughtful strategy and breakthrough execution. After a successful career as an equity actor in NYC, Jesse found his passion in hospitality leading him to high-level roles directing restaurant operations with the Michael Mina Group and Arrive Enterprises. Continuing on his journey for more creative work, Jesse found his perfect niche in building brands through marketing and creative development, crafting compelling content for eCommerce companies such as MDSElite Seller, and RebateKey. Jesse is also a certified sommelier which means he picks great wines at dinner and is barely tolerable to be around. Cheers.


jacques duvoisin

written by jesse sells

Jacques is a passionate storyteller and proven comedy writer who’s worked with top clients such as Comedy Central, CNN, Biore, FedEx, State Bags, True Sons, and RebateKey among others. His strong comedy chops go well beyond writing as he’s also a seasoned performer working regularly in NYC’s sketch and standup scene. With an MBA to boot, Jacques is no stranger to business development either, establishing himself as a top certified coach and trainer regularly working with leadership teams to develop their learning programs. Jacques currently resides in Brooklyn, but he is NOT a hipster. Seriously do not call him that. His jeans are slim, not skinny, and he's very happy to be at least a decade behind in fashion. 


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