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Who the heck is Jesse Sells?


Creative Director | Digital Producer | Brand Consultant

Welcome to me! Check out my work and see how I build creative assets of all kinds to boost your brand's equity. My style is playful and personable, but my approach is strategic and focused on driving business results. I'll create distinctive custom content to amplify your brand voice and make your business thrive. 

With 15+ years of leading teams, project management, writing and directing experience, I work great with teams of all sizes to deliver on time, on budget, and ready to take on more!

Make Fun. Keep It Simple.

Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 10_edited.jpg

oh look, a sample!

This is the truth to great content! It should be digestible, easy on the eyes, and delicious to the senses. 

Content delivery is changing every day with a new trend gone viral every minute. So how do you cut through the noise?  Keep it simple! Make people laugh. Be honest. Tell a good story.


My process is not cookie cutter. I don't believe one size fits all. The goal is to learn what makes your brand special, unique, and valuable and then build the creative ecosystem where your brand can fully express itself through copy, media, collateral, and more.

For a closer look at my experience, you can find my resume here

Creative Director Reel

Creative Director Reel

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